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Journey to Front Splits

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Do the front splits seem elusive to you?

Are you seeing Instagram yogis posting their flexibility photos and want to learn where to begin? Are your hamstrings and hips tight or do you have low back pain?

Look no further!

This training program will help STRENGTHEN as well as increase flexibility to prevent injury in your splits (we don’t want to over-stretch your muscles!)

When you just hold a static stretch without strengthening the muscles and joints, there is a far greater chance of injury, and we want to reduce that to ZERO while getting you to your deepest splits yet!

This guide is divided into sections: dynamic release, stretching (static holds), muscle activation/strengthening (active flexibility). We’ve seen the greatest and safest benefits from working these tools.

Let’s begin!

Frequently asked questions

Front splits guide

What's included in this guide?

  • 70+ Pages With High Quality Photos of Poses on How to Get Your Front Splits

  • Philosophy of splits

  • Dynamic release to safely warm up muscles and joints

  • Stretches to get you deeper into your front splits safely

  • Active flexibility to strengthen your muscles to prevent injury

  • Front Splits Yoga Flows


  • Increase Flexibility and Strength in hamstrings and hips

  • Tone leg muscles

  • Decrease hip/back pain

  • Stress/Anxiety Relief and Better Sleep

  • Increase Body Awareness, Health, and Productivity


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" I’m really happy with the guide Liz has created you can tell she put in a lot of hard work, passion and dedication into her practice and now a book for us! I can’t wait to start and grow maybe one day I’ll be as good as her!"


"This guide is so helpful for my journey for flexibility, health, and inspiration! The book is wonderfully formatted... the tutorial pictures are clear and easy to follow... I love the what, why, and how’s that are included for every subject.... 10/10 would recommend!"


"This is the first flexibility guide I have EVER bought and after looking through it, I am extremely happy I did. It is detailed and makes everything very clear to understand... Thank you for taking the time to create this guide. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

About the Author

@Miz.liz is a plant-based RYT-200 yoga teacher, Registered Dietitian, influencer, and certified AcroYoga instructor. She began practicing yoga over 12 years ago - and while it was purely a physical practice, it quickly transformed her life mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Her ultimate goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone so they can experience all the benefits and achieve their goals. Her fun, light-hearted style of teaching helps people of all ages to start yoga anytime and anywhere, no matter their flexibility or level of practice!


Follow her on IG @miz.liz

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