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the handstand guide
Learn, Improve and Strengthen Your Handstands

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Normally: $28.99

Most people are surprised with how close they are to unlocking a solid handstand! If you've ever wanted to master the technique, this e-guide was created just for you. It starts at your current level (whatever that may be) and grows with you, helping you build strength, courage, and trust in yourself.


With the right drills, tips, exercises, central nervous system education, and some persistence, handstands can become an achievable and rewarding part of your practice.

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  • Where or how do I start practicing yoga?
    You can start here! This our favorite place to begin because it will teach you alignment and progressions to help prevent injury and get to where you want to go
  • Who could benefit from these ebooks?
    Anyone looking to start their yoga practice or advance their current practice with modifications and progressions either in the comfort of their own home or a studio setting (or supplement an existing movement practice to gain flexibility + strength in body and mind)
  • What are the benefits of yoga?
    Increased flexibility, strength, balance, proprioception, improved circulation, posture, clarity of mind, reduced anxiety/stress, better digestion, energy, vitality, sleep, mood, injury prevention, weight loss, cardiovascular health - the list goes on!
  • I want to practice alongside live videos, do you have something like that?"
    Our friends at How to Practice Yoga have an amazing video platform for all levels of practice - check them out!
  • What's your refund policy?
    Due to the digital nature of our products, no refunds can be issued. Please contact us if you have any trouble with your order.
  • How will I receive my purchase?
    Our ebooks are delivered to you in the form of a beautifully designed PDFs that you can read on your computer, print out or upload to your tablet to read on the go. Once your purchase, you will receive an email containing your download link as well as instructions on how to upload your ebook to your mobile device.

"I already see how much better I'm getting, thanks to your help! It felt so amazing, and I can't wait to keep getting better. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the ebook!"


"Thank you for letting me know that even though I've been cut open down the midline, and my core strength stinks, that if I keep at it I will be able to straighten out!!"


"It was my New Years resolution to learn to do a handstand. Up until today I've been aimlessly kicking up at the wall and ending up like a banana. With advice from your ebook I got my straightest mini-handstand yet!"

The Back Pain Relief, Touch Your Toes/Forward Folds, Backbends, Front Splits, Core, Handstand, & Flexibility eBook Bundle (Bonus: Manifestation Guide)

Now: $79.99

Total Value: $185.05

Handstand Journey Bundle (Handstand & Yoga Core Guide)

Now: $24.99

Normally: $57.98

About the Authors

Max and Liz are plant-based yoga instructors, Registered Dietitians, Influencers, certified AcroYoga instructors, and handstand junkies. They have trained with world renowned circus artists, cirque du soleil performers, acrobats, and handstand masters.


Max and Liz are passionate about teaching the proper alignment, technique, and drills to fully integrate the body into handstands effectively and efficiently. They believe that one handstand (or inversion) a day keeps the doctor away! While Max and Liz are not upside down, they love playing with their morkie puppy, Waffles!


Follow them on IG @miz.liz & @healingmotions