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10 Step Manifestation Guide

You are a spiritual being having a human experience – therefore you have the power to manifest.


You are a co-creator of your reality, working with the Universe to shape your life (whether you know it or not)!

We’re here to guide you as you create the life of your DREAMS through manifestation in this step-by-step guide!

You hold within you the power to change your world and to change the world.

Manifesting your best life = manifesting a better life for those around you!

Within this fully colored workbook and guide, we want to make manifestation accessible and have action steps you can take. 

You can have and deserve the life you’ve been dreaming of. We’re cheering you on!


Let’s get started!

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About the Authors

Max and Liz are plant-based yoga instructors, Registered Dietitians, Yoga & AcroYoga Instructors, Holistic Wellness Coaches, and Your Manifesting Guides!

Max and Liz met in 2013 and thought they manifested each other. They started studying manifestation intimately – our lives since then have been a huge magical fairytale (but our pasts didn’t begin like that!)

Since they've used these steps in this workbook, Max and Liz have  manifested:

•A spontaneous wedding in Maui with their  best friends planned in 24 hours

•A condo on the ocean

•The cutest puppy in the world (named Waffles)

•Creating their own work schedules and working for ourselves

•Travel around the world (pre-COVID)

•Multiple six figure businesses (after spending 2+ years without an income and living in Liz’s parents’ house) 


Follow them on IG @healwithmaxandliz for more inspo and tips, and their personal IG accounts @miz.liz & @healingmotions